Xiaomi to use Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure in India

Xiaomi is, for now, the No.1 smartphone brand in India offering its customers, highest specifications and quality at affordable prices and has the highest sales in comparison to other smartphone brands.



If you’re using a Mi Smartphone, you must be aware that the cloud features are hosted on servers which are not located in India. Xiaomi India will migrate it’s local data to Indian cloud Infrastructures.

Many users were found to have issues with their data being stored with servers in China.

Xiaomi has been using Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers across US & Singapore for Indian users, but now the Indian users will have the advantage as the servers are being set up in Indian Cloud Infrastructure.

Manu Jain, Vice President, Xiaomi and Managing Director, Xiaomi India



“At Xiaomi, data privacy and security are of utmost importance to us. We are taking one more step towards user data security and privacy by bringing our cloud services to India for all local data needs. It’s something our teams have been working tirelessly on and I am glad we have been able to turn this around for our India users. With the data stored locally and encrypted end to end, users will be able to enjoy greater access speeds.”

He continued, “Xiaomi is committed to India and data protection and using cloud servers in India is another step in that direction for us. We will continue to work on this aspect and ensure a heightened user experience for all our users in India.”

Xiaomi is migrating it’s local data to highly secured AWS & Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure in India.






All the existing data would be migrated by the end of 2018. All new Indian users data since July 1 has already been stored in the local servers.




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