Why Do People Find It Difficult To Shop Clothing Online?

I love shopping online because I don’t have to leave the house for sourcing the best available but sometimes it is difficult to find exactly what I want and that I don’t get it right away.

So, back in 2010-11 when I was in my high school, I literally had no idea that a person like me who is so much dependent on my mom for styling my clothes will end up being a menswear blogger and fashion stylist. I had always been keen on shopping for myself whether it be the accessories or the daily trends prevailing in the market. So, I had always been a fashionable person but I was not a stylist back then. I had the knowledge of what to shop and from where to shop but was poor in styling different pieces of cloth effectively.

I have always been a person who finds the concept of experimentation and exploration as the basis of lifestyle. Without having both of them, a person can feel difficult to shop either from the offline stores or the online e-commerce. Both these concepts work equally and directly proportionates each other.



There are n number of e-commerce selling fashion and lifestyle products and their advent has actually grown on an exponential phase throughout these years.

Generally, a consumer experience totally lies on the user-interface that particular e-commerce has offered. If it’s easy to find relevant products on that particular e-commerce, the consumer will definitely source for his/her products and would love to visit that particular website and perhaps, that’s how it works, but let’s consider the situation another way round, where a consumer finds it difficult to source appropriate products that he/she needs even with a clearance sale or any other sale offering 60-70% off, the person will still have a thought about staying over there and hence, will visit that website occasionally and not frequently. User-interface actually builds an impression of that particular website on the consumer.




I’m a person who is very fond of shopping and actually, shops a lot. I almost spend at least 10-15 mins on my favourite shopping portals for daily sourcing and for weekends, I usually spend my time exploring the new trends hitting in the market, in malls, streets and wherever I can find relevant products.



Observing a lot of my clients who shop from my store as well as the individuals I see finding it difficult to select in the stores, usually malls and streets and have one thing lacking and that is the concept of Experimentation and Exploration.

Sourcing is a fun task if done in the right way whether it be your online e-commerce websites or your offline stores.

Difficulties in shopping online can also include lack of faith in terms of quality, size issues, too much picky about colours, unaware about what to buy and from where to buy and that actually happens a lot and is pretty okay.

Lack of experimentation can actually make you a vulnerable person who is always choosy about colours, not ready for styling different pieces of cloth and wants to be on the standard and safest side of fashion.



If you’re a person who is ready for experimentations, your vision will expand towards clothing, you’ll yourself experience a change in your styling behaviour and your personality will enhance upon time and most importantly, you’ll never experience difficulties in sourcing for yourself. Experiment and explore yourself well and that’s the dominant piece of advice I want to offer you guys who are reading this blog.



Like I always say, we humans are so much intricate that we are actually confused about what to wear and from where to wear. Start building your wardrobe from the essentials first and then move forward to the next step. Make a list in advance of all the necessary things you want and accordingly source for your products.

Quality issues are nominal and can actually happen with anyone possibly. I believe we humans are one of the most effective influencers and we usually go on the word of mouth. Quality comes with trust so, it’s important to have faith and believe the art the company is offering. Stop being so judgemental as fashion simply means opening up to new possibilities and trends prevailing.

In case of issues regarding size, every brand runs and produces products according to its own norms. You might have a size M at some store and a size S at the other one. Prefer referring to the size charts beforehand if you’re shopping online and do believe in giving a read to the product cloth and type.



I have a habit of writing down everything so why not an essential list. Pen down all that you need on a sheet of paper depending upon your interest.



MONTH 1– Make a budget of Rs. 2000/- and shop accordingly that your budget does not exceed the limit (Budget can be modelled according to your pocket but start from the lowest amount possible). Try shopping from the brands at the time of their sale’s and see how many things you can actually make out under this budget. Try with this technique for some time and you’ll actually see a change in how you start managing your money as well as your requirements.


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