To The Road Not Taken!


Hello people! How’re you guys doing? Weekend is up so what are your plans, huh? Before starting up, I just want to say that I love you guys and thank you so much for the response you people showed on “I STAND WITH DREAMERS”.

Okay, so let’s start with today’s discussion. Are you guys excited?

The blog titled ‘To The Road Not Taken’ is almost the story of each on of us, constantly struggling to choose the road we want to pursue. I thought of writing this as I personally felt that there was a need for such a topic to be discussed on such a wider platform.

I ain’t walking away from my fears, I ain’t walking away from my worries, just another day and choose to keep moving no matter where it takes me. Whatever may be the circumstance, life always offer us with Two Roads. Some may end up choosing the most comfortable one, whereas some willingly choose the path full of difficulties and are ready to live a life, grinding. Everyone wants to be successful but it’s totally about the decision to choose the correct road you want to traverse. You aren’t really aware about what’s going to happen next but it’s important to figure out what is good and what is bad for you. It’s the right time to choose which road you want to travel!

The road may end up dark, full of anxiousness but don’t stop. Wait for that patronus and you’ll see the sky, your way full of light!

I lost my way when things were hard,

Sorrows and aches became my scars.

No one guided me how to sail and how to reach the shore,

They said, you’re just a dreamer without any hope.

I struggled with the ocean of sorrows, life became hard and just had to cope!

And.. Then, I saw the sky full of light. Clearly, saw my destine written to be very bright!

The boy who only knew how to dream, accepted the challenge and made it to the shore, You know what kept him going? His self belief and the decision to choose the road, which made him to the shore. He stood there, he learned, he conquered, he won!

My friend, you’re close, very close. Don’t stop, not for anyone, not for anything.

I just want to end this by saying- Go on and live whatever, comes your way at the end and don’t forget to add a happy smile to it.

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