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How’re you people doing? Writing on food Lately, I just realised how much waffles have been trending and thought for a blog on it so titled it as ‘WHAT THE WAFFLE?’.

From chocolate dipped strawberry to choco nut popcorn, from Frozen chocolate banana to a smoothie, waffles have been in the most demand as far as the sweet tooth eatables are concerned. So, in this blog, I’ll be sharing something valuable about waffles, recipe to prepare chocolate waffles at your home and the nearest places where you can easily find them. Let’s get started!

Basically, What are Waffles?

Waffle is a dish basically made from dough, cooked between two plates to give them a characteristic shape, size, surface and impression. Waffles are widely eaten all over the world and particularly in Belgium. Waffles may be made fresh or simply heated after having been commercially precooked and frozen.



How can you prepare chocolate waffles? Well, Its the time to please your loved ones with some American touch recipe. Chocolate Waffles is a perfect breakfast recipe made using milk, flour, eggs and chocolate sauce enriched with perfect aroma and goodness of chocolate.

Total time           Prep time            Calories

45 min                  25min                   225

Ingredients/ Recipe required to prepare Chocolate Waffles at home –

For Garnishing that is to decorate you require – 

So, now I’ll be sharing the procedure and here it goes –

How to make chocolate waffles?

  • Step 1

    For making this delicious recipe, take a deep mixing bowl and combine egg yolk, milk, all purpose flour, unsweetened cocoa powder, baking powder along with butter. Mix well until smooth.

  • Step 2

    Now, beat the egg white until stiff peaks form and then add the brown sugar to it and mix well.

  • Step 3

    In the meantime, heat a waffle maker and pour the batter onto the waffle iron structure.

  • Step 4

    Bake it for 20-25 minutes. Allow it to rest for a while when baked and then remove.

  • Step 5

    Garnish with icing sugar and chocolate syrup on top. Serve immediately.

So, that’s how you can prepare your chocolate waffles. I have some pictures which I would like sto share with you guys. Keep scrolling!












So, now let’s talk about where can we find these waffle outlets nearby? Don’t worry I’m going to help you in this as well.


I hope you had a great time reading this and you’ll definitely try this amazing sweet tooth eatable if you haven’t.

See you in the next one, lovelies!


Jugaad Cafe & Bar, Defence Colony

Howdy, Foodies!

It’s the last month and you people must be planning your Christmas Eve or your New year’s night and since there are so many varieties of cafe and lounge around us, it actually gets difficult to select any one of them. Don’t worry I’ll be helping you out every week by reviewing some of the best cafe and bars in Delhi- NCR so that you don’t have to worry about regretting your decisions related to visits later on.

In this blog post, I’m reviewing Jugaad Cafe & Bar, which is in Amar Colony, Defence Colony, New Delhi. Jugaad Cafe has stylishly put together industrial-style venue for veggies and meat-based international cuisines.




What is the place all about?

✓ Perfect place to party with friends.
✓ Decent & Connecting place for couples.
✓ Serves energizing Cocktails.
✓ Delectable Food items.
✓ Stunning Ambience.
Seating space – Terrace Dining, Indoor dine-In (spacious enough for normal hangouts and small meetings).
Perfect Place to enjoy the nightlife!
When it comes to food, everyone doesn’t have the same taste buds but yeah, the food was up the bar and the presentation was amazing. Talking about the specialities of Jugaad Cafe and Bar –
 ### Appitizer
1. Watermelon mint was superb with beautiful presentation.
2. Summer Hummer was refreshing.
Watermelon mint (right and left) & Summer Hummer (centre)
3.Cosmopolitan was perfect in taste.
4. Margarita Tequila ,Lime Juice a perfect treat to tastebuds.
5. Moscow Mule Vodka, Lime Juice along with Ginger Beer
Pina Colada were beautifully presented with amazing taste.
7. Italian Smooch perfect mixture of Mint , Ginger Ale , Lime Chunks along with Coke.
8. Blue Angel Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup, Blue Curacao served with Soda.
9. Esspresso Bull prepared with Red Bull and Coffee taste.
                                                                            ### Starters
1.Tandoori soya tikka and malai paneer were amazing with delicious taste and best in the vegetarian segment.
Tandoori Soya Tikka & Malai Paneer
 Drums Delight Chicken wings, perfectly cooked with a superb spicy combo and beautifully presented.
3. Chicken Charmula along with lemon Aioli and Chicken tikka was beautifully presented with delicious spicy taste.
4. Honey Chilli Potato sweet, creamy and crispy at the same moment.
###Main Course – 
1. Butter chicken, prepared with the North Indian recipe with amazing spicy combination with delicious gravy presented with Garlic Naan.
2. Mutton was perfectly cooked with soft and spicy mutton pieces.
Butter Chicken & Mutton served with Plain Naan
                                                                  ###Dessert segment – 
1. Jugaad ParleG
 ParleG biscuits with creamy filling, presented with amazing rubri.
2. Lichi Rabri Shots
Delicious with soothing sweet taste.
3. Gulab Jamun with Rabri
Was traditionally delicious with a sweet taste.
4. Dragon hair with vanilla ice cream was beautifully presented and was amazing.

Address – 10, Main Market, Block C, Amar Colony, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110024
Phone078270 99923
Order: swiggy.com
Opening hours – 12:30 PM-1:00 AM

So, that’s all for today. I hope you’ve made your mind and will surely visit this amazing place someday!

All the credits to Naivedya Naithani for sharing their experience including the content and photos. Guys, follow his page Indian_Flavour_Trail on your Instagram and facebook handles.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/indian_flavour_trail/?hl=en

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See you in the next one, people!