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So, It’s a new start and I hope you like this. Here, I’ll be reviewing all the cafes (veg as well as non-veg) surrounding Delhi-NCR. Since Delhi is full of foodie souls, this is the right location to check the place before you go!
In this blog, I’ll be reviewing one of the most hyped cafe in Sec 29, Gurgaon, presently, Gurugram, named PRANKSTER. As its name, even the place is unique in itself.
I want to start by quoting that “Food is a journey that has endless layers of flavour if you wish to get into its depth enjoy it simply.”
There are a few thing which has to be kept in mind before visiting any place. On reviewing the place myself, here are some few things I want to share with you guys!
Seating section – When it comes to seating, there shouldn’t be any compromise in the comfort. The cafe is divided into several sections named classroom, canteen, mixology lab, hostel room, library and a bar, each having a capacity of 10-12 members at least.
Ambience –This place is full of young energetic  crowd. An amazing place for couples as well as those looking for ‘good girl crowd’.
Cocktails – Prankster punk, Lemon juice, Orange juice and Vodka amazingly mixed and served.

Starters – 

  • Nitro cooked Dahi Bhalla Ice cream :

The dahi was frozen in form of ice cream and served with chatpata Bhel over it.

  • Choley kulche doughnuts:

Here the twist was the kulche were in form of doughnuts and stuffed with Choley. Served with amazing carrot mousse and Choley Tari.



  • TT lamb chop:

The lamb was very very tender and it’s something that can never be found in any other place.

The lamb was tender, juicy and very delicious.

  • Paneer tikka Fattir (Pizza) :

The pizza base was that of pattez making it very unique but equally tempting.

  • Gallati Boti Lamb Cigars, Gari Mayo :

This was again a non-veg retreat.

The lamb was so damn tender and mouth watering with every bite. With the first bite itself, it was on my recommendation list.


Main course –

1.Dal Makhani – Again is palatable and amazing.

2. Rampuri Gosht – Very tender and deliciously cooked mutton, a must try by all non-veg lovers.

3. Panner Makhni – The Gravy was made sweet from coconut milk having grated coconut too , panner being tender in taste made the dish very unique in taste with a prankster touch.

4.Keema Pulao -This was something different for me. The pulao served with chopped keema chicken made the dish bliss for Non-veg lovers. The aroma of the chicken can be felt in rice too.

5.Dessert-Mango cassata Swiss roll – A cassata formed mango cake served with mango puree made it too Mangolicious for all.



  1. TT lamb chop
  2. Gallati Boti Lamb Cigars, Gari Mayo
  3. Keema Pulao
  4. Rampuri Gosht

Veg – Paneer tikka fatir, Panner Makhni

Address8-9-10, Sector 29, Main Market, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Opening hours – 12:30 PM-1:00 AM

Phone0124 426 6653

So, that’s all for today. I hope you’ve made your mind and will surely visit this amazing place someday!

All the credits to Indian flavour trail for sharing their experience including the content and photos. Guys, follow them on their instagram handles.



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