Hello People! I know it’s been long that I have not been writing anything for you people and I’m really sorry for that. So, how’re you guys doing?

So, today’s blog titled “I stand with dreamers” is just a message from a dreamer himself!


I’m overwhelmed and tired at the same time.

I’m a bit lost on my way!

I’m lagging behind with many things,

I’m in a space where i feel alone and saturated, But?

I dream. I dream every single second, every minute. I dream of my own beautiful world. I really want to make a change in my life and leave a mark.

Here, I stand with all those have been failing consistently with their grades but still wish to get up every time strong, I stand with all those who have been categorized as fellows, not good enough or worthy for anything. I really stand for all those who have been suffering a lot and are drowning in their sorrows.

But you know what? You absolutely have to believe in that you’re capable to create a change in your life as well in other’s life. Yes, you’re worthy and good enough with everything possible and yes, you will create a mark, My Friend!

“To dream is to create something and that means you’re already one step ahead from others, so what do you choose? To be the LEADER or to follow the LEAD?”

I want to conclude here by saying that,

I believe a dream is just like an echo. What you sow, you reap. What you imagine, you get!

Till then, keep hustling and keep smiling!


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