‘The Parallel Edit’- The name of the blog is made by the composition of two words, ‘Parallel’ means side by side and here ‘Edit’ means Editing and Creating something out of the box and impactful for the readers community.

The aim of the blog features about all the lifestyle hacks and the inspirational yet motivational ideas to conquer your own inner self, will definitely help you to keep going ahead in such a stressful life. I believe this blog will help you in believing in yourself, will train you and focus on your weaknesses and surely inculcate confidence.

I thought of starting this as i felt the need to correct people on all those areas where they always tend to find themselves, weak. This is the area which has to be corrected and this is the right platform to reach people who are suffering with something or the other but due to lack of confidence, cannot give their best shot. Don’t worry, I’m with you!

The Parallel Edit was founded by Arpit Pahwa. Arpit, himself is the the author of this blog ‘The Parallel Edit’, handling all the content. Currently, pursuing graduation (B.Pharm) and side by side continues to be a model as well as fashion and lifestyle blogger. Through the blog, the author shares the thoughts he carries and gets from the external sources. (Credits will always be mentioned).

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