Blowing off someone’s candle will not light yours!


What meaning can you gather from the title of this blog? Common try it!

Well, I have taken this topic into account as with ageing, I have observed so many people trying to steal someone’s success by taking a clear short path so as to become rich fastly. I have always believed that – “Don’t run too fast as it may get you down, Don’t run too slow it may lag you behind. Be in the middle and you’ll get to know how much you need to reach towards your goal.” Eventually you’ll learn”.

So, to my reader community, you can dream and work for it but do not steal someone’s dream and own someone’s fortune. The success acquired by stealing someone’s dream is very short-lived and with time, the empire and the mansions you have built will definitely turn into ruins!

So, let me ask you one thing. WHAT’S YOUR DREAM?

We belong to a world where the “human wants are endless” and the sole reason are the “desires which are the root cause of all evils”. We all want are our dreams to be fulfilled. We all do want to live every dream but for that you have to be on the top of the rat-race.


So, the best choice is dream and work for it and It’s a promise you’ll win. Not on your first shot but yeah ONE DAY! Life is all about the struggles but at the end of the day it’s just you; your choices; your decisions which will curate in making of you or breaking of you. It’s the time to choose wisely and work accordingly!

I Just want to end this by saying-

  • Everyone is living on their own time period. Someone may become rich at the age of 25 and someone at the age of 40. It’s the daily efforts and your luck which can turn everything round for you. So, keep hustling!
  • Learn from life. Everyday! Try to make yourself an avid reader, an average person who is always ready to learn. Develop yourself over time and you’ll see a change in you.





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