Believing in destiny or creating the destiny?


Believing in destiny or creating the destiny? What do you believe in? Answer it from yourself. Think about it. Well, the answer is quite simple!
Our fate lies in our hands. It’s our karma our deeds, our hard work which keeps it going. But the answer is still hidden somewhere. 

The person who believes in himself, who effortlessly works on improving his craft is actually the one who creates and writes his own destiny. He believed in his dream he thought of every second while working. No second thoughts and he made his craft his god! Destiny is what comes with our own self belief, the confidence which lies within each one of us, the constant support, the will to do something big and great. Creating and believing are actually very much correlated with each other. The one who believes will surely create something he has been working for every night skipping his sleep without any excuse.

Wake up early, work on your craft, assign yourself with work, plan your day, plan your schedules on sunday night. Rather than clubbing with your friends on weekends, give yourself some time. Time to think. Time to work.

Trust me, it will work. Everything will come at its place once you start!

working on yourself and I promise there will come a day you’ll surely not find any need to work 9-6 round the clock. Build yourself so strong that no hurdle can make you stop on your way. Occasional practice will give you occasional results. Improve your habits. Dream every second. Banish procrastination. Maintain a healthy being and one day you’ll surely enjoy your own success with a lavish lifestyle.

Keep grinding and keep going. Moving creates motion and helps you to go on and on and ultimately helps you to grow. Believing helps in creating.

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