Are you doing it enough for yourself?

Howdy, People!

Winters round the corner and It’s actually cold outside by now. But I must say, winters have to be the best of all the seasons. Do you think the same? Do you realise this is the last month of the year? Have you done enough to make it a successful year? Have you fulfilled all your desires you wished for as resolutions? Have you done enough for yourself? Again, It’s a big NO! Majority of you are not performing above the bar and that is actually lagging you behind in the race.

Are you ready to do something for yourself? This is the right time to start!

Ruchika Kachroo is the guest blogger for today. Her way of writing has actually inspired me and that’s the reason I want her to directly interact with you people. Not just her writing inspires me but also her attitude towards living a healthy life. Let’s find out what she has to say about this.

‘Hey there people! So let me ask you all, ‘Are you doing it enough for yourself?’ No, you won’t get any answer by just reading it. Take a minute out, close your eyes, make yourself comfortable and now think. Ask yourself the same question all over again. Are you actually there for yourself? Are you actually living your life like you have always wanted to? Are you content with whatever you have? Are you pursuing something that was ‘life goals’ to you or actually that mattered more than anything to you? Done?

Okay. Are the majority of your answers no? If that’s the case then you are actually not doing enough for yourself. Need a solution? Worry not. I’m here just to help you guys and let you guide on a right path that’d lead to self-discovery. Here we go.



  • Do less but with more focus – You DON’T need to rush. Slow down. It’s your life and nobody is after you. So do less but with full concentration and mindfulness. Allow yourself to enjoy and make every moment of yours count. Happiness doesn’t come from the things you do, but rather the attitude you bring to the things you do.


  • Take the pressure off – Remember, you are a free bird! Make yourself a contented person so that you can access your creativity, intelligence and inner wisdom easily.


  • Stop the compare and despair – Do you often compare yourself to others. Why? Just because their social media accounts are more happening as compared to yours? Just because your picture doesn’t receive the same number of likes as their picture does? Trust me, they have their own problems. They are exactly the same person as you. It’s just that you have your own path to walk and your path has value.


  • You can do anything but not everything – Remember this. Maybe we can have it all, but not all at once. Remember that line from the movie ‘Ye jawani hai deewani’ where Deepika says, “Jitna bhi try karo, life mein kuch na kuch toh chhutega hi. Toh jahan hai, uska maza lete hai na.” That’s exactly how it is. You are exactly where you need to be right now. Just know that no matter what happened today, you made progress.

I believe, if you’re not doing enough for yourself, whatever may be the reason, the most effective rule is to do those things that can make you happy, more often. I think It’s a pretty good way to start with anything. So, make a little list of all the things that make you happy and then all you have to do is fill your life up with those very things and make them part of your existence, part of who you are!

Once you’ve found happiness within yourself, believe me, you’ll no more be tired of the disappointments knocking your door, again and again, you’ll no more be tired of anything. Educate this beautiful mind of yours.

Thank you, Ruchika for investing your time here!

I hope it was influencing enough and believe me, you’ll surely reach where you have always wanted to be. Utilise this last month well and enjoy the breeze of winters.

See you in the next one!





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