The Battle


Your thoughts create your reality. The way you think, the way you behave, the way you perceive to things, the way you deliver, all have to with shaping your reality and your future.

How many times have you actually found yourself as a victim to something or to be precise, at the time of crisis, how many times have you actually been honest to yourself and spoke the truth without having a constant battle between your mind and heart? Have you felt the dominance of those negative thoughts powering over your thought process? If yes, then this blog post is definitely for you.

I had always considered myself as the victim of an unloved destiny and you know why? I came from a family that didn’t have a lot of money and I always had to think of my own ways to make it. I do appreciate the fact that they have given me everything I have always wanted but seen the other people around me getting all those things getting handed over to them actually created a battle within me. Did I win? Did I learn? And, the answer to this is a big yes!


Nothing in this world stands still –  it either grows or depletes. If you’re not appreciating your life, you’re definitely depreciating.

  • With time I have actually realized that we generally complain about all those things we have full control over. So, why can’t we just sort up the things and reach our desired point with the flavour of appreciating almost everything around us? Think about it.
  • Secondly, you need to stop lying to yourselves and be completely honest, or else you’ll never make a change. Being real requires you to be honest with yourself. Take a minute and ask yourself, how much real are you to yourself?
  • Most great things lie in simplicity, it’s we, the humans who have a habit of taking the most complex path and turn up the things even more difficult than it actually was. Have you ever heard of the word “Singular Thinking”? It’s basically focusing all of your life on a single thing which actually makes your whole life revolve around it and yeah, The Battle. Stop your singular thinking as it is only making you a victim and perhaps, the negative situation will only get X2 the size than it previously was.

Our character is not based on the absence of challenges nut on how well we handle ourselves in the face of them.

Normally, an individual tends to have around sixty thousand thoughts in a day. A person with a positive thought process can undergo any battle and still come out alive and as a person full of motivation and self-belief whereas, if we see a person with a negative mindset, his thought process will always favour his victimization and no self-control. Choose your stand wisely and if you’re on the wrong side, there is still time to get on the positive side but you know what? We are always scared that it might change our lives forever. Even if it’s in a positive way, we will still fear the unknown.

In order to win any battle, you must be equipped with the most powerful arsenal.

You have the ability to rewire yourself. The way you physically, mentally, and verbally act must change if you want to change, there is no other way through. I can just show you the path, rest the journey is yours. It’s your battle, you have to decide what you want the outcome to be at the end. We all thrive when challenged, and that’s what reconditioning yourself to find your truth is.


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#DeshKeNayeSmartPhones : Affordable Beast Xiaomi POCO F1

Introduction of a new sub-brand by the name ‘POCO’ was no doubt a surprising move by the Xiaomi. Poco is still just a brand, and not a separate company and they stand on the shoulders of Xiaomi’s logistics and sales support.

Xiaomi or Mi in Chinese means millet – little rice, whereas Pocophone in Spanish means little phone.

Xiaomi’s inscription will be seen for some time on the Pocophone brand and once established, will separate and operate independently. For now, POCO Smartphone is fully relying on the Xiaomi’s sales support and logistics and let’s see, when Pocophone will emerge as a separate brand.

Xiaomi’s POCO F1 – Master of Speed will be available tomorrow for sale only on Flipkart at 12 noon from Rs. 20,999/-



Available in 3 variants – 6GB|64GB at Rs. 20,999/- , 6GB|128GB at Rs. 23,999/- , 8GB|256GB at Rs. 28,999/-


Specifications for the Affordable Beast – Poco F1



1) This Smartphone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Flagship Processor with AIE 845. Poco F1 runs a powerful AI engine on a top tier flagship class chip built for unbeatable performance power consumption.

  • 300% increase in AI performance
  • Adreno 630 – 30% improved GPU performance
  • 10nm process – Octa core Kryo CPU Architecture


2) Another amazing characteristic of this smartphone is the LiquidCool Technology and Sustained peak performance which delivers consistent peak performance keeping it faster than fast. Say goodbye to slow response time, frozen screens and laggy gaming.


3) Full day charge with 4000mAh battery and Quick Charge 3.0 which actually provides enough power for 30 hours calling or 146 hours of audio playback on a single charge.


4) Picture perfect shots under any conditions as it has a 12MP + 5MP Dual Rear Camera with a portrait mode and is suitable for video shooting. It also has a 20MP High-Resolution front camera for incredibly defined selfies and additional scene detection, specially designed for India.



5) AI Scene Detection which allows smart identification and Real-time optimization as it can distinguish across 206 screens and automatically adjust exposure, saturation and other photo optimizations.


6) Lighter, Faster and Smoother – Enhanced by MIUI for POCO to make it lightning fast with its turbocharged engine, POCO’s MIUI will keep your phone secured too.


7) IR Face Unlock – Equipped with an IR light and camera, face unlocking is instant and successful without any odds.


8) Type-C charging port and 3.5mm audio port so that you can watch movies, listen to songs and play games.


9) A better full-screen display – POCO F1’s beautiful 18.7:9 edge to edge display along with the Corning Gorilla Glass.



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Xiaomi to use Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure in India

Xiaomi is, for now, the No.1 smartphone brand in India offering its customers, highest specifications and quality at affordable prices and has the highest sales in comparison to other smartphone brands.



If you’re using a Mi Smartphone, you must be aware that the cloud features are hosted on servers which are not located in India. Xiaomi India will migrate it’s local data to Indian cloud Infrastructures.

Many users were found to have issues with their data being stored with servers in China.

Xiaomi has been using Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers across US & Singapore for Indian users, but now the Indian users will have the advantage as the servers are being set up in Indian Cloud Infrastructure.

Manu Jain, Vice President, Xiaomi and Managing Director, Xiaomi India



“At Xiaomi, data privacy and security are of utmost importance to us. We are taking one more step towards user data security and privacy by bringing our cloud services to India for all local data needs. It’s something our teams have been working tirelessly on and I am glad we have been able to turn this around for our India users. With the data stored locally and encrypted end to end, users will be able to enjoy greater access speeds.”

He continued, “Xiaomi is committed to India and data protection and using cloud servers in India is another step in that direction for us. We will continue to work on this aspect and ensure a heightened user experience for all our users in India.”

Xiaomi is migrating it’s local data to highly secured AWS & Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure in India.






All the existing data would be migrated by the end of 2018. All new Indian users data since July 1 has already been stored in the local servers.




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Creative Genes Vs Work Jeans

“There’s no talent here, there is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent does not exist, we all are human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top. I’m not talented, I’m obsessed.”



It’s really been a long time and I haven’t posted anything on my website. But you know what? You people have been constantly giving me the motivation to write, write a lot. Thank you for pushing me every time I feel like, I don’t belong to this community of writers.

After reading a lot of articles and blogs on the subjects hustle science, neuroplasticity and brain engineering, one of the biggest myth’s I had was broken. I have always been of the opinion that creativity is something that you either have, or you don’t. That, some people are just born creative.



I don’t believe that for a moment.

What I believe in now is, your thoughts have to be continuously entertained and channelized which makes your vision more clear, well developed and much easier for your thoughts to deliver.

It has actually been a year of working, here on my website. I still remember the first blog post I wrote, the second one as well and subsequently, each one and you want to know how? My obsession for writing, reading and making people educate has helped me enormously. It’s only easier now because I have spent hours reading, writing and developing thoughts along these channels that I’m obsessed with.

The ‘creative genes’ doesn’t exist. The ‘work jean’does.

I consider myself a hustler, a workaholic, the person that doesn’t rely on talent. I’m a writer and educator, first and foremost. I’m obsessed and I wasn’t born creative. I have developed this obsession and now, channelizing it with my vision.

Creativity comes with a deeply-rooted connection with your childhood and I believe, if you can simply connect with your inner child, you will eventually, stop worrying about the results that you expect. You will simply work to become better out of pure enjoyment.



Doing such a thing is prominent, the first step towards creating something which will not even your life but perhaps, other lives as well. I just want people to fall in love with the damn process and stop discounting the creators as gifted.

Everyone has been born with something, but it’s your consistent and persistent actions that will really take your creativity to another level.

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Why Do People Find It Difficult To Shop Clothing Online?

I love shopping online because I don’t have to leave the house for sourcing the best available but sometimes it is difficult to find exactly what I want and that I don’t get it right away.

So, back in 2010-11 when I was in my high school, I literally had no idea that a person like me who is so much dependent on my mom for styling my clothes will end up being a menswear blogger and fashion stylist. I had always been keen on shopping for myself whether it be the accessories or the daily trends prevailing in the market. So, I had always been a fashionable person but I was not a stylist back then. I had the knowledge of what to shop and from where to shop but was poor in styling different pieces of cloth effectively.

I have always been a person who finds the concept of experimentation and exploration as the basis of lifestyle. Without having both of them, a person can feel difficult to shop either from the offline stores or the online e-commerce. Both these concepts work equally and directly proportionates each other.



There are n number of e-commerce selling fashion and lifestyle products and their advent has actually grown on an exponential phase throughout these years.

Generally, a consumer experience totally lies on the user-interface that particular e-commerce has offered. If it’s easy to find relevant products on that particular e-commerce, the consumer will definitely source for his/her products and would love to visit that particular website and perhaps, that’s how it works, but let’s consider the situation another way round, where a consumer finds it difficult to source appropriate products that he/she needs even with a clearance sale or any other sale offering 60-70% off, the person will still have a thought about staying over there and hence, will visit that website occasionally and not frequently. User-interface actually builds an impression of that particular website on the consumer.




I’m a person who is very fond of shopping and actually, shops a lot. I almost spend at least 10-15 mins on my favourite shopping portals for daily sourcing and for weekends, I usually spend my time exploring the new trends hitting in the market, in malls, streets and wherever I can find relevant products.



Observing a lot of my clients who shop from my store as well as the individuals I see finding it difficult to select in the stores, usually malls and streets and have one thing lacking and that is the concept of Experimentation and Exploration.

Sourcing is a fun task if done in the right way whether it be your online e-commerce websites or your offline stores.

Difficulties in shopping online can also include lack of faith in terms of quality, size issues, too much picky about colours, unaware about what to buy and from where to buy and that actually happens a lot and is pretty okay.

Lack of experimentation can actually make you a vulnerable person who is always choosy about colours, not ready for styling different pieces of cloth and wants to be on the standard and safest side of fashion.



If you’re a person who is ready for experimentations, your vision will expand towards clothing, you’ll yourself experience a change in your styling behaviour and your personality will enhance upon time and most importantly, you’ll never experience difficulties in sourcing for yourself. Experiment and explore yourself well and that’s the dominant piece of advice I want to offer you guys who are reading this blog.



Like I always say, we humans are so much intricate that we are actually confused about what to wear and from where to wear. Start building your wardrobe from the essentials first and then move forward to the next step. Make a list in advance of all the necessary things you want and accordingly source for your products.

Quality issues are nominal and can actually happen with anyone possibly. I believe we humans are one of the most effective influencers and we usually go on the word of mouth. Quality comes with trust so, it’s important to have faith and believe the art the company is offering. Stop being so judgemental as fashion simply means opening up to new possibilities and trends prevailing.

In case of issues regarding size, every brand runs and produces products according to its own norms. You might have a size M at some store and a size S at the other one. Prefer referring to the size charts beforehand if you’re shopping online and do believe in giving a read to the product cloth and type.



I have a habit of writing down everything so why not an essential list. Pen down all that you need on a sheet of paper depending upon your interest.



MONTH 1– Make a budget of Rs. 2000/- and shop accordingly that your budget does not exceed the limit (Budget can be modelled according to your pocket but start from the lowest amount possible). Try shopping from the brands at the time of their sale’s and see how many things you can actually make out under this budget. Try with this technique for some time and you’ll actually see a change in how you start managing your money as well as your requirements.


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Falling Doesn’t Mean Failing!

Anything that annoys you is teaching you patience, anyone who abandons you is teaching you how to stand on your own two feet, anything you hate is teaching you, unconditional love, anything you can’t control is teaching you how to let go.



Don’t you think we live in a society where there is a notion of misinterpreting these two common words that are falling and failing? Why do people do that? Do they feel scared when it comes to accepting failures? It’s not easy to accept setbacks, disappointments and if you’re a person who is reluctant to accept the real truth then, this blog post is definitely for you.





I have always viewed life in three major acts and these are Challenge, Owning it, and Using it to guide others. Ask this from yourself, how many challenges have you actually faced in your life, whether it be small or big, were you able to find the solution to it? Are you actually owning your life or you still give that charge to your parents? Are you capable enough to work for your dreams and visions? Do you have a vision or just whiling away your time here waiting for the right time to come or the miracle to happen?

The concept of failing was only created by those who were too scared to succeed, and exist in the same world as “giving up”. There is no such thing as failure; instead, everything is knowledge we can put into practice. Once you stick to the belief of feedbacks and improvements, there will not be any failures and just constant learning from the downfall and henceforth, self-improvement.



Well, consider a person who’s been hit with n number of rocks in a continuous succession. So, one of the rocks actually hit him on his head. Is he a failure just because he fell or he’s not able to fight? I hope you’re understanding this not so simple concept well.

Your journey will test you in enormous ways possible, will try to hit you hard and break you into pieces, self-doubts taking over at each step, pessimism being surmounted everywhere but how can one make it out of the water when being drowned? A shift in focus changes everything. Let your self-assurance take over your self-beliefs because these beliefs are actually made by us.

The no.1 reason why a person falls because he’s more of into appreciating the outcome than loving the goddamn process and why does a person fail? Simple, because he doesn’t even know what he wants and what he doesn’t want.



When you’re unaware of your own self, your own dimensions, this creates an imbalance leading to constant failures. It’s important to interact with yourself and you should know yourself better. The better the understanding and interaction is, the better you can adjust your sails even if you can’t change the direction of the wind.






Mastering any area of your life will require exploration, adjustment and improvisation since you can’t always know your destination in advance. Prepare your mind for a long-term haul as your mind will be consumed for hundreds and thousands of falls and failures and all you need to invest is in making and correcting your previous mistakes and starting over.



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Don’t Hate, Appreciate!

“There was once a man who was complaining about having one pair of shoes until he met a man with only one leg.”

Why is even there a need to hate someone when all you can do is just appreciate?

There was a period along with my journey when people were actually throwing a lot of negative comments on me, I had actually burdened myself so much that I was not able to fulfil my own task list. Pending blogs, pending shoot projects and what not. So, after all, that was happening to me, I was genuinely in a state of depression. I was so jumbled up, so confused and burn out and that the originality and the authenticity of my content were actually lacking and I must admit that a fear came over me. I was actually losing my touch on writing, creative concepts and humility.

I guess I forgot to acknowledge that even I’m a human being, right? I had just realized by that time that I had a big hole in my living. I forgot to stand still and get into a state of appreciation.

I was hating each and every minute of my life as that struggle actually broke me down into pieces. But what happened after that? Did I remain the same? Did I put those pieces back? Of course, I did. Am I happy now? Of course, I’m.  But you must be wondering how?

Two of the best concepts came over and changed the way I was living with all the mess that I had created and they were – “Find the solution and the appreciation list”.




It’s not easy for someone to break the jail so easily as it requires patience and will to do. Find the solution has been one of the key concepts which I had taken into action when nothing was working out for me. Hatred is such a negative sphere that it can actually turn your chair and throw you on the ground. But how to tackle it? Next time when someone asks you for a help or in need, just tell him ‘Find the solution’.

We, humans, are so intricate that we focus all our energy on a singular thing when the circumstances aren’t on point. This simply means we tend to revolve our whole life for a stupid thing which is not even beneficial to our development. We see our problems with a magnifying glass which actually makes it bigger than it actually was before.

Every problem has a solution to it. If one of the doors is not opening, that doesn’t mean you have to keep banging your head. Try a different method and it might open for you.





A wise man never dwells on what he doesn’t have. He remains in constant appreciation of what he has already while being in pursuit of what he really wants.

The only thing that can actually fulfil us is gratitude – acknowledging and appreciating the beauty of what we have and what we want. When I ask people about what is actually important to them in their lives, I have always recorded the same answer – friends, family, faith and what not. Would you agree?

We search around for happiness in the dark and didn’t realize the fact that it has been with us for our whole life.



Wait, I have a solution –  Write a list. Whatever makes the list is a priority, and make reading the list a part of your daily routine. Appreciation is the ultimate feeling, as it is the only thing that reduces the ego from the body. This simple quality is again one of the essential parameters for success. It truly helps us enjoy the process of success because we go in with the attitude of “nothing to lose, everything to gain” and the courage follows up.

After you have made up the list, do read the list as soon as you wake up. Do this for a week, for a month or up to you. I have been doing this for a week and I have been feeling a lot of positivity in every area of living. When we complain, we become the victim. When we are the victims, we don’t get what we want in our life, we get more of what we don’t want.

You have the power to choose, you have the power to appreciate and you have the power to become the best version of yourself!


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How To Make Your Weekends Extremely Productive!

Any real content creator on the grind knows that there really is no difference between a weekday and a weekend. It’s a job where you have to work at least 6 days a week, have to update yourself daily, and no excuses from running off from work. Well, that was just my story but trust me, if you’re loving the process, nothing is going to stop you from reaching your set goal.



Every day matters, and it’s up to you how you choose to make it productive and how seriously you’re actually taking your venture. It’s not easy to say NO to your Saturday festivities and force yourself to keep on making moves.

It’s not like I don’t enjoy or hang out on weekends, but the ones who know me well, do know me as a person who is going to complete his work first, irrespective of the time it is going to take and then move forward for the next activity. You know that’s how things should roll. Agree?

Writing this blog was more about observing my own behaviour towards weekends and other’s as well and trust me, this ended up being funny in most cases. Let me share some of the ways I have learned to make my Saturday grind added with more fun. Here I go!




I’m a person who believes so much in preparing notes and reminders for almost every activity. I don’t know writing has always helped me in every possible way it can. You and only you know what all activities do you carry in a week so accordingly, prepare your TO-DO LIST! To-do list is actually fun if maintained properly. Make a schedule of how are you going to work this whole week.



Set a proper goal for a week and divide them into some few subgoals. At the end of the week, review your performance and accordingly, celebrate every new project you fulfil on time or before time. That’s how working should be processed.




Turning on a silent movie can be a great kick as it can provide you with an escape for a little bit of time. This is something that made me feel less alone as a teenager – and is a tactic I still use today. If you’re a person who loves listening to music, go for some slow songs at a low voice. It’s important to take some time off from these busy schedules and just relax for a while. Play with your younger siblings or just go out for a walk. All these measures have actually helped me in processing my day to day activities. What really matters is that you actually get work done anyway.




This can be difficult as it requires the right type of friendship but if you have this sort of a person in your life, do this as often as possible. Find someone you can work alongside effectively and productively. The goal here is to work with someone who shares similar goals as you, or even someone you’re collaborating on a project with so that you can get the work done, together.




Something I have written about a lot and so do tell people is how you should keep moving forward and stretch your muscles a bit to get your work done. If you still want to feel somewhat productive but just can’t get into your flow, make it a creative day. Draw, play the guitar, watch a movie with your family. Do something which can spark your creativity back again and get you thinking in a right direction.




I’ll be honest here – I have a habit of rewarding myself every week, whether it be clothes (most of the times since I so love fashion), eat my favourite food, watch my all time favourite movies and de-stress myself from all the tough days I had been through previously.



Just because everybody is going out on a Saturday night, doesn’t mean even you have to. If you would rather work on something that means a lot to you, then I’ll suggest trying all of the above measures and add some fun to your grind.



How To Nail Office Wear/Business Casual Look For Men

As we enter the golden era of initiating our step towards earning for ourselves and our family, it is very important to make sure that you are carrying your look effectively and with ease. Call it office wear or just business casual, we often tend to make mistakes on very basic things while dressing and to make an image in front of your colleagues and your boss, it is essential to dress up in the right way with following some very standard parameters.



So, welcome to the today’s blog in which I’ll be discussing some quick essentials and facts you need to know about office wear and business casuals and how to style yourself in a very meaningful manner.

Essentials are the key to build your wardrobe and trust me, one mistake and all your look can happen to be highly unsuccessful. Watch out for these 5 essentials you need to have for improving your style game.


  • SHIRTS –

If you’re into going to an old-school type of office where employees around are you are much elder and the surrounding influences a strict traditional attire, this simply means that you can’t play much with colours. Go for shirts such as Blue, Pink or White – the most standardized, the most basic and the most elegant colours to wear.





LIGHT BLUE – PINK – WHITE = Traditional Colors

Prefer wearing lighter coloured shirts in the daytime and dark coloured shirts in the night time. Old school office dressing just ends up being up being very subtle and very sober where you can’t wear half sleeve shirts, no loud patterns and no saturated colours (Intensity of the colour is very high).

Give priority to lighter shades but few darker shades count on the modern business casuals especially when the people around you are very modernized, when it comes to lifestyle and supports, what it means to be a true gentleman in Dapper. (Only if the workplace allows you so).





BLACK – NAVY BLUE – GRAY – BROWN = Modernized Business Casual Colors


  • PANTS –

Colour selection should be very strict in case of pants. Wearing black, charcoal grey, navy blue and brown are the new age business casual colours which will always be the highlighting ones in your outfit.

There are two kinds of pants –

Traditional (Suit Pants/Trousers) – Make sure to get your pants taper towards the base which means making sure it is more sleek, much sharper from the fashion perspective.



Chinos – Chinos are basically the midline between jeans and trousers or suit pants. They are generally casually looking, tight around your thighs. Be strict in your colour selection and if worn correctly, no one is going to stop you from ruling the game.



(Make sure to select your pants colour to be slightly on a darker side than your shirt colour because it actually attracts attention more towards the upper body)


  • BELTS –

 One of the most essential accessory when it comes down to men’s wear and styling. Prefer avoiding cotton belts as much as you can. With the addition of a proper belt to your office look or business casual, make sure that your belt colour complements your shoe colour or let it be near to that colour tone. The right choice is wearing leather belts or faux leather belts.




  • SHOES –

Well, my favourite category which I was waiting for, to come as soon as possible. There are some common mistakes which we tend to do at the time of dressing –

1) Forget to match the colour of our socks to our shoes.

2) Doesn’t wear shoes complementing the pants ( can be of the same colour tone or slightly darker ).

3) Doesn’t bother about the polish.





The most common modern formal shoes are the brogues, monk straps and loafers.

( According to me, when it comes to formal footwear, they are found slightly on the expensive side but invest once and they’ll serve you longer than any normal footwear. )



Along with belts, watches are again the most important essential in formal dressing. If you’re into traditional formal attires, prefer wearing metallic watches and on the other hand, if you’re a modern business casual person, go for leather or faux leather watches. Avoid wearing big dial or eye catchy dial watches.





That’s all for this blog. You can write me a mail in case of any queries or image consultancy.

I hope this blog was productive and valuable to you from every perspective!

Thank you for stopping by until the end!






Vivo Y83 With Full View 2.0 Notch Display, Launched In India at Rs. 14,990

Vivo new smartphone, Y83, the company’s latest budget smartphone was launched in the Indian Market on Friday. Notably, it was launched in China last week in a 64GB inbuilt storage variant.

Vivo Y83 has been launched at Rs. 14,990 yesterday with some exciting highlights such as it’s large 19:9 display, complete with an iPhone like Notch.



Company’s CEO, Jerome Chen, CMO, Vivo India said in a press conference – “We are pleased to introduce the Vivo Y83 in our Y series product portfolio with an outstanding performance and superior camera capabilities at an ideal price point.”

Price in India, launch offers –



The Vivo Y83 price in India has been set at Rs. 14,990, and it will be available in its 4GB/32GB inbuilt storage variant. It will be available through offline that is on the Vivo store and on Flipkart, Amazon as well as Vivo’s official site with some amazing exchange offers and no-cost EMI’S.

Vivo Y83 Specifications –

The Dual Sim ( Nano-SIM, dual stand-by) Vivo Y83 was released on Friday with a dimension size of  (6.11 x 2.96 x 0.30 in). It runs on FunTouch OS 4.0 on top of Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box. The handset supports a 6.22-inch HD+ (720×1520 pixels) FullView2.0 IPS Display with a 19:9 aspect ratio. The highlighting feature is the iPhone Display Notch.



The handset is powered by an octa-core MediaTek Helip P20 soC processor which is coupled with 4GB of RAM.

Inbuilt Storage – 4GB/32GB (expandable up to 256GB)

Battery Capacity – 3260 mAh

In the camera department, the Vivo Y83 comes up with a 13-megapixel rear camera with an LED flash. On the front, it supports an 8-megapixel selfie camera with face access, Vivo’s Moniker for face recognition. As for camera features, it comes with AI Face beauty, portrait mode, live photo and group selfies.